1. My Sweet Time

From the recording The Deep End

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I was the broken part of our world
And you were the end of it.
It wasn’t enough for you to be heard.

I was the sinner and you were the saint.
At least, in your mind that is.
But I can no longer be something I ain’t.

And while you were reading all the signs,
I was reading in between the lines.
So, while you move on with your life,
I’ll be taking my time.

My sweet, sweet time.
I’ll be taking my time.
My sweet, sweet time.

You were the blessing in my disguise
And just for the hell of it,
I let it run til you were no longer mine.

Losing control wasn’t really my goal.
I guess I should’ve said something sooner, I know.
And after all that’s been said and done,
I can’t help but think that you may still be the one.


Bridge /
Life After Love can be healed in time.
But life after your life is harder to climb.