From the recording The Deep End

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I, I was doomed from the very start.
I didn't take the time to realise
it would be me who'd throw us apart.
Now, I'm back to where I started from.
I'm reunited with myself again
It's no surprise that I feel numb.

I can't take time if I'm always on the go.
I can't sacrifice if I'm a slave to the show.
I can't make the space if there ain't no room for growth.
She said it's either me or this. But you can't have both.

Why? Why is it so easy
To exchange a good thing for loneliness?
No wonder why you had to leave me.
Don't. Don't expect me to chase you.
I think I've learned a lot about myself.
But doesn't mean that I won't miss you.

.... Can't have ....

Anything your heart desires.
You know that my love ain't for hire.
All I need from you is something more.
And I said, I won't waste your time so I'll show myself the door.