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  1. The Deep End

From the recording The Deep End

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Here I go again.
In the deep end.
Gone so far that I can not prevent
Any heart ache
Just for the sake
Of telling you that I made a mistake

Guess it seemed right
At the time. I
Was so oblivious, I became blind.
Is suffocating.
Finally, I have seen the light

And I'll waste your time
If I stay

So go your way
And I'll go mine
Lets leave this mess behind
So I can free my mind.
No longer can I pretend
That you and I are more than friends
Coz I don't wanna fall
In the deep end.

How could I forget
What I know I'd regret?
I guess I thought my heart was up for rent.
But now you wanna buy
Because I told I lie
And suddenly, the joke is on myself.

And you'll waste my time
If you stay


And we'll waste our time,
If we stay.


Here I go again
In the deep end.