From the recording The Deep End

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I was in a world of my own.
It was all I ever knew.
Spent too much time in my head,
Just to avoid the truth.

Wasn't looking for
any kind of cure.
I was so damn self assured.

I was killing time
Thought that I was fine.
I guess I didn't realise

I was broken
I was drunk
Before you came along.
I was jaded
I was wrong
Didn't know where I belonged.
I thought my glory days were all long gone.
Couldn't even write a song.
But that was
Before you came along.

You are mine, to my surprise
And now my world's defined.
Can't imagine my life now
Without you here tonight. Oh yeah!

I was so unaware
Don't think I even cared.
Then you just came out of nowhere.

Happily alone
Being on my own
Without you, I would have never known


Days were going faster
Heading for disaster
Couldn't keep this train in line

I was on a high low
But little did I know
It would be over in a matter of time Oh!