1. She's A Keeper

From the recording The Deep End

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Just like the other girls, she was a passer by.
But unlike the other girls, she never said goodbye.
Another goner,
That’s what I thought of
The story of my life.
But wait a minute.
I was a winner.
I just didn’t realise until

She. She flew away.
She packed her bags and took my heart.
The way she did it was a work of art.
Oh yeah, she. She didn’t stay.
No matter where she may roam,
My heart will always be her home.
And now I know I can never leave her,
Life couldn’t be any sweeter.
And I couldn't fall any deeper.
She's a keeper.

A fear of something
That came from nothing.
I was drowning in denial.
But oh, the hesitating
Was so so suffocating.
I didn’t know she was outta time until